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He is With You

Have you ever thought of the implications of the scripture that says that God will never leave you nor forsake you? I was at lunch yesterday when it just resonated with me. The truth is, for some time now I had been so shaky concerning my faith. It felt as if prayer was like talking to a brick wall, and that God was upset with me. I didn't quite know what or why, but I just "knew for sure" He was. However, something happened yesterday to really show me that He had been with me all along. It was then that He brought the scripture to me and I thought to myself wow, God truly will never leave me! In order for there to be any separation between us, I have to leave Him.

This sparked such hope in my heart because I no longer saw God as someone who was against me, but as a friend. He is for me and will continue to do all that is in His power to have me see His face in peace. If He loves me that much, I know I can trust HIm with my life. God is not like men who will sometimes leave you. He will always be with you if you stay with Him. Be vulnerable to God. Allow Him to keep you and let your faith be grounded in the fact that He loves you. Today, be comforted and rejoice because God is fighting for you.

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