Good Company

There is a saying in Jamaica, “Good Fren betta dan pocket money” which simply means, having a good friend is better than being rich. This is so true. There are some situations that money can’t help you through. There are just some times we just need a friend to hear us out. A friend that understands. A friend who will help us and guide us to what’s best for us; to what will make us happy.

God is the best friend one can have. This is especially true because we all have an enemy of our souls. He works tirelessly, trying to make you unhappy and sinful. However, if God is truly your friend, then God will be with you, guiding you through all the obstacles the enemy places in your way. He will have your back at all times, telling you the truth, no matter what the enemy tells you. Sometimes, obedience to God will leave us all alone, but guess what, if God is with you, you’re in good company.

Happy Birthday, Kareem.


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