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Eat a Salad

So you just jumped on the scale, and you are now wondering why you would do that to yourself. You know you have to make a change and a drastic one. Ah, remember that diet your friend told you about, look how well that worked for them! That’s it! It’s time to make a full-fledged change of everything you eat. It’s time to exercise, eat healthily and sleep right.

Day 1, was hard but you did it.

Day 2, “am I going to have to do this for the rest of my life?”

Day 3, “Ugh”.

Nevertheless, you kept going strong until you get so see a commercial on tv with what seemed to be the most satisfying and delicious looking pizza in the world. And guess what? They’re only a call away. Suddenly it’s all you can think about, your mouth starts to salivate. You pick up the phone and order immediately.

The devil always tries to woo us with all the pleasures He can find. He is the pizza in the situation. You know what God has said to you, but somehow, He tries to convince you that you cannot live without doing certain things. But, choose today to obey God, and you will realize that it is the best you will ever feel.

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