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God's Route to Salvation


The Father said to me, if you spend time in communion with me, I will bless you. For the next 14 days give God at least an hour a day of undisturbed prayer, worship and fellowship (no excuses).

Leave the things that concern you in God’s hands. Trust Him with them.Ask Him only for the things that He wants you to have right now.Ask Him to reveal those things to you in His timing.Spend most of your fellowship blessing God and praying for others. However, the things that concern you, leave them in God’s hands.Journal your experiences, and impressions.Bonus + Skip a meal a day as a fast to the Lord, use that time as your hour to pray in earnest to the Lord.

God's Route to Salvation

Have you ever wondered, why you were born into the family that you’re in? I remember many days as a child feeling so much discontentment with my family. I looked around at the selfishness, the pride and the resentment that was evident in so much of my household and often wondered why I was even born. It was not until I got saved that I began to understand why every detail about my life was necessary.

Acts 17:24-27 talks about how God predetermined our lives – including the time we would be born, and where we would live – this He did so “that they should seek the Lord, if haply they might feel after him, and find him” (verse 27). Looking back, it was the hardship and lack of love that I faced in the world that caused me to come running to God. Today as we consider out family members and loved ones who are facing hardships, some astray and seemingly deep in sin, let us remember one thing: God already knows how far they will go. He knows what it will take for them to seek Him.

For some of our family members, life will have to break them down, for some it will take sickness or sorrow, or even rejection to humble them to God. If we are to pray the heart and mind of God for the unsaved, we must understand that these things are often necessary in their path to salvation. Instead of praying that trouble goes away from the unsaved, let us begin to agree with God that trouble is the chastening rod, for those who are predestined to be the heirs of salvation. As their intercessors, let us remind God of His mercy and faithfulness to them, and pray that no matter what happens to their flesh, the soul will be saved.

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