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God's Parenting

It's funny how we can see God as a mere father or mother that does not know what His children needs are. We treat God as if He knows nothing about parenting and, as a result, He is trying do this step by step not realizing that He is the one who orchestrated this whole parental structure when he was creating this world. Let us picture a director of a movie or a stage play. He knows how every actor should look and sound like when he was putting it together. It is the same way with God.

There is no way our natural parents can outdo God in parenting because He created parenting. Our natural parents simply lives out what is in God’s mind as it concerns parenting but He knows every in and out of parenting. He doesn’t need to ask and seek help on how to be a better parent for His own children. We just need to trust His will and plan for our lives. He knows what will make us walk Holy just as He is. He knows how to mold and fashion us into suffering servants. Just give Him full course in your life today.

“Step out of the way and let me show you that I know and can supply your every needs. Trust my route for your life. Stop limiting me to your natural parents capabilities of just providing food clothing and shelter when my wisdom and all- knowing power surpasses all of that.” saith God
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