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God’s Great Reward II

God created heaven for his sons; those who have kept his commandments and have lived holy. We cannot live contrary to God’s word but still expect to spend eternity with him. It just will not happen. And this does not make God an unfair or unloving God. Quite the contrary is true. God is a just and fair Judge. If you were unable to live righteously in this life, it is foolish to assume that you will in eternity because everything you needed to live holy on earth and in heaven was given to you. But, you chose sin.

It would be unfair for God to let sinners in heaven because it goes against the word of God and His word does not fail! There is absolutely no darkness or sin where He is. We need to get back to a place where we fear God; a place where we wouldn’t even dare to offer up anything less than what He requires, and all he requires is that we just be as He is. This should be an encouragement, as the father is giving us yet another opportunity to judge ourselves according to His word and purpose for our lives. Keep in mind that it is his heart not let anyone perish, but to have eternal life! If you are in Him, you are complete. If you are not, then you can stop looking to the things of this world to do that work because wholeness can only come from God. If it is truly your desire to truly make it, then seek him and he will find you.

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