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God, A Real Bud

I think it is crazy how much of a gentleman God is. Think about this for a second. Though God is a Spirit, He is also a person. So when His Spirit is inside of you, that's another person living in you. However, sometimes God can go the whole day unrecognized. Can you imagine having some dude named Bud, follow you around everywhere you go, and I mean everywhere, but you two never have a conversation? The only time Bud gets to talk is when you ask Him a question that you needed to know to go about doing what you wanted done. I feel sorry for Bud. Saints, Bud is God.

God wants us aware of His presence. If God is in you, there is never a moment that He is not with you. And if God is not in you, there is never a moment that He is not with you. Yea, I said the same thing twice... that's the point. Through the years, I have come to learn of Him. As aforesaid, He is truly a gentleman, and sometimes only speaks when spoken to, or if there is a friendship built. He will never force you to love Him. Instead, He follows you around every day, looks out for you, protects you, covers you, and loves you.

I want you to stop right now and talk to God, He would really like that.

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