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Get in Gear

Rev. Tyrone Thompson, better known as Papa San once said “You’re in neutral, begin to find a gear. Get ready for the flight and let’s get out of here!” This is a timely word for anyone that is interested in getting souls for the Kingdom or even making it into heaven. God has much for us to do and the earth is fit for the picking. But do you know your part? Are you doing your part in God’s plan?

Yesterday, I had the weirdest feeling. At about 6 PM Thursday evening, all my friends went off in different directions at exactly the same time to do some kind of discipleship or evangelism or Facebook Live thingy. They were focused on doing ministry and they had a certain sense of purpose with it. I saw God’s work being accomplished with fervency and a rush that accurately depicts the times that we are in today. The Lord is soon to return and sooner than many anticipate. The window that we have to preach the gospel is about to be closed. And I felt a sense of urgency and fear within myself to play my part in the reaping of this harvest too!

So to close out this week, I want to plead with you, if you feel as if you have been in a neutral gear and not accomplishing anything for God or if you feel like you are in neutral, burning gas, revving your engines but nothing seems to be moving, then simply seek God about this. Let Him direct you in your measure of ministry and in the way you should go. God is in need of able, willing and holy people. Will you be one of those?

There is work to be done.

On your marks, Get set?....

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