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The Bible says that the greatest love is for a man to lay down his life for a friend. Jesus was a perfect example of this, going all the way for us in death to save us from our sins. But I want you to examine today if your friendships are the same. Even if it’s not your literal life you lay down, is your friendship with others depictive of self-denial? Do you focus on the needs of those around you and, even if it means sacrificing your needs and wants, do you go the extra mile for them asking for nothing in return? Friendship was never meant to be something fleeting and easily replaced or ignored, nor was it ever meant to be selfish. It is designed to be an environment of accountability and nurturing of one another.

If you’re in the market for a friend, ask God for one that will correct you even at the risk of being the party-pooper, who will see your potential and push you even while you’re resisting, one that will pray with you, fast for you and get to know you so that they can trace the path of the Word in your life and be accountable for you. Ask God for one that will disregard the bad day he is going through just to cater to and solve your issues. And when you do find one, make sure that you are the same for them.

So today, I just want to dedicate this Sunrise the founder of Sunrise with Jesus; someone who has proven to be a friend to so many of us and definitely myself. I don’t know where I’d be without him…

Happy Birthday Kareem Flowers!

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