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Fellowship with God

Oh how precious it is to fellowship with God. Truly His Spirit is pure and fills our entire soul. True fellowship with the Holy Spirit cannot be faked. It is actual, and it is an on-going experience. In these times of fasting it is extremely critical that we spend time with the Holy Spirit. Take time to listen to Him and hear what is on His heart. Spend time in prayer for others. Remember the commandment to you is to love man and God. When your heart is given to doing this, the Holy Spirit will spring up in you like a well.

Say sweet things to Him. Speak of how gracious He is. Focus on an individual, and bless the Lord for that person. Pray God's purpose for their life, and watch God have His way in you. He will strengthen you. He will use you and move through you. When our hearts are given to loving Him and people, He can't help but express His love and power unto and through us.

We did a Live Show based on this Sunrise. Check it out below.



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