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Do you know a person in your life that you could always count on to be a certain way or always do a certain thing? It might be your parents that you know will always make sure you are fed, or a brother or sister that you know will always be there for you and support you in the good and bad times. It could even be your dog that you know will always be so excited to see you come home. That quality that you see in those people is called faithfulness. Faithfulness means that you can depend on someone or something to always maintain their integrity and to remain consistent in something.

But did you know that Faithfulness is also a quality of God? And as His children, we are to also have that natural quality. God and even the people around us should be able to trust that they will always see Christ and His good works alive in us. God values that quality in us. So much so that He said that He will indeed reward those who remain faithful. So today, examine yourself to see if God can trust you to be faithful to Him… to always obey His commandments and to walk in His character.

Love you all!

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