Don't Lose You

There are times in life that we can be so given over to its affairs. This is happening at work, and that is happening with the children. Mom is treating me this way, and my friend is facing that. There are times in just dealing with life, we might end up losing ourselves in the process.

I am going to ask you some questions that I want you to answer genuinely. What is your focus on? What do you wake up thinking about? Are you suddenly emotional? Maybe you are frustrated and easily angered? Are you're becoming a you that you're not accustomed to?

It's in these times that we remember when we were happy and serving the Lord. We remember our late night convos with Jesus, and sweet fellowship; or even those times when you were going through but you knew God was with you. The truth is, God will keep you in perfect peace if your mind is on the Lord. Whenever we are given over to stress, anxiety, and frustration, it's because our attention is no longer on God. Yet, it's in these times that we remember being holy.

Life may often throw curve balls at us, however, we can overcome them through Jesus. We were meant to live life through Christ, as opposed to let life live us. Anything that is taking your joy and peace is an idol. Anything that robs your fellowship with God is a distraction. Get rid of it, and get you back. Return to God today, and be healed in your heart.

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