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Caution… It’s New!

Ok, so you're tired of this. Over and over it has been proven that is time for a change. Things are moving too slowly and it's time for them to speed up a bit. So might as well close your eyes and get this over with. Go get that new phone! That old one was holding you back!!

So you had made the decision huh? You got the latest 1200USD phone? And you're about to open it??? You're scared to touch it aren't you? Have you washed your hands yet? Make sure you rest it gently on the bed. Oh, look at that beauty. It's so slick and shiny! Oh no, little brother is coming!! Hide it before he touches it and smashes the screen.

By the way, where is your old phone? In some drawer somewhere. Screen cracked from it falling too much? Remember that one time you threw it on the couch and it bounced off and fell on its face? Meh, who cares?? you have a new phone now so who cares about that old one?