Black is History

I am gonna go ahead and shoot a question your way. What do you identify with? What are your features? What makes you... you? I think this is such an interesting question to ask because it truly defines what you think about yourself.

We are in the month of February - which in the United States of America has been dubbed as Black History Month. This time is given to reminiscing on the various heroes of Black History that were integral in delivering the black community from slavery and those who are worthy of note, as it relates to the African American integration with fellow citizens.

It is an awesome thing when God allows individuals to live together as one, however, I will ask you, what happens when the integration is not as smooth as we would like it to be? How does this affect you?

The truth is there are sometimes some situations that we simply exclude the scripture's take on. Often people allow themselves to get heated and stressed out when speaking concerning issues of race. Could it be that we have identified with the color of our skin more than the Christ within us? Should we see racial issues through the eyes of the flesh, or through the eyes of the Spirit?

Come with us, as we discuss this topic, and attempt to show you by the scriptures that Black, White, and Yellow are all History in Christ Jesus!

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