Believe on Jesus Pt.2 - Discerning Faith Series

Let me go ahead and establish the experience of those in the time of Jesus. God had prophesied of the coming of the great Messiah! All the prophets bore witness to this coming Lord. So, because of the scriptures, it was common knowledge that around the time of Jesus’ birth the Messiah was to be soon upon the scene.

We know that Messiah to be Jesus. Now consider the burden of proof that God had to bear. Jesus had to fulfill all scripture, meaning everything the prophets had said about him and about the things he would do. He had to also manifest the God He was, working signs and wonders that no other man could do.

Jesus successfully proved himself the Messiah with words and deeds. He died and rose from the dead, and absolutely none of His words have fallen to the ground, yet some still don’t believe. However, was their unbelief manifested in a refusal to acknowledge his miracles and works? No it wasn’t. There unbelief was manifested in a refusal to accept His doctrine. They couldn’t bear to hear a man preach Himself as the way to God, even if it is the truth.

Jesus is still the only way to God but do you believe Him? Jesus is the character of God, the love of God, the patience of God, and the righteousness of God. If you do not accept these as the way to God you have not yet believed.

To believe in Jesus means that we not only trust that He is the Messiah, but that we also embrace and prefer His righteousness for our lives. You may not be able to perform that righteousness without the Holy Spirit, but You must first prefer it. When you believe upon Jesus this way, He will fill you with the Holy Spirit. Reach out to God with your faith and receive the Holy Spirit today!

When did you realize that Jesus is the son of God? Discuss this with friends and family know.

This series is based on the book "Discerning Faith", by Mary Banks. Get your copy on Amazon at the link below

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