Be Grateful

1 Thessalonians 5:18 18  - In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.

One of the things that every son of God must accept is that nothing about our lives is by chance. Our steps are ordered by a God who works all things for the good pleasure of His will. It is His will, and His will alone that delights His heart, and that achieves His purpose. Now that we have Christ within us, we must face the reality that Christ rejoices in pursuing God’s will in every situation, circumstance and relationship. God’s ultimate aim is to manifest Himself in flesh, and the only way for us to have peace is to agree with that.

Our scripture for today teaches us to give thanks because whatever we experience, happened by God’s design! You must understand that in order to give thanks in every single thing, gratitude would have to be a disposition of the heart. It would have to come from a heart that recognizes that God chose us specifically for every situation we face – good or bad. So how do you begin to thank God for a bad thing? Simple, thank Him for considering you to be the one to reveal Him to those involved. Be grateful that of all the things He could have been doing, your soul’s opportunity to make it in was a consideration of His. Thank Him for the honor that it is to share in His infirmity and His sufferings, because it is a token that one day you will reign with Him!

Be grateful!

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