Among Fellow Lepers

One of the most unnoticed experiences that we have when we get saved is that immediately we can relate to what people are going through. Someone who is truly saved instantly wants others to receive Christ, because he/she knows the torment that's in sin. You will also have such unspeakable joy about your salvation that will make you look side-eyed at anyone who professes to be saved but doesn't walk in joy.

In the story of the 10 lepers we see 1 man who was happy and grateful for his healing. He was so happy that the scripture says he fell on his face to worship God. The answer that Jesus gave could be likened unto "throwing cold water on fire" or being a "party pooper" - without proper perspective. Jesus asked him where are the others who were healed.

The truth is, Jesus knew that this man had lived much of his life as a leper among fellow lepers. When he asked for the others, he expected that one to know exactly where the other nine were: What are they doing? Why aren't they praising Me? Why didn't you bring them with you? And these are the very same questions he asks of us.

Today let's look prayerfully at those around us, is anyone a spiritual leper, sick in sin? And how can you bring them to God?

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