Ackee and Saltfish

I am Jamaican and my national dish is Ackee and Saltfish. A friend of mine was cooking it yesterday and for the first time, while I watched, I considered how different it is than any other meal I’ve seen prepared. Ackee resembles a fruit, a vegetable and meat all at the same time to me and the taste of it is unexplainable. I remember hearing Prophet Jesse McCree minister about his experience of ackee when he came to Jamaica and when people ask him to describe the taste, he couldn’t. His only response was “You have to try it”.

Life with God is very much the same. There are so many aspects of a relationship with God that words fail at describing. One could try to preach all day to get you acquainted with their experience and relationship with God, but it’s not until you try Him for yourself that you will truly know Him. Like ackee, God is unlike anything you have experienced. Comparisons are not enough because there is truly nothing to compare to Him. The righteousness, peace, and joy that is in His Spirit are beyond explanation. He is an incomparable experience. Try Him today.

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