A Prayer of Compassion Pt.5

Oh Father of heaven and earth, who hath subjected us all to time and chance. The God of all wisdom and grace. The God who tries the hearts of all who dwell upon the earth. Honor and majesty be to you. Who are you but the God who does as He pleaseth? Who is it that can counsel you? You shall surely do all your good pleasure.

We come of Father, asking for mercy for the lost and for the hurting and confused. We pray for the conflicted and the afflicted. Be merciful oh Father. Surely, they cannot bear life without you. You made them with a void, so that they would long for you. Many do not know that they need you. Please oh Heavenly Father, draw by your mighty Spirit. Pull the lost unto yourself. Save souls. Heal the broken. Let your love prevail in the hearts and lives of men.

We pray for our loved ones.

"Truly I will move in your families when you supply me with the things I have asked you for - holiness and obedience"

We bless you holy God, and we agree, that we will worship you. We will obey you. We will suffer shame by the hands of even our loved ones, that they may, in turn, be saved. It is the joyful pleasure of our hearts, to be put to shame for their sakes, that they might escape hell. Be merciful oh Father. Supply us with the Grace we need for the day, so that Christ may shine through us, and draw someone to you!

We bless you and thank you, In Jesus' name.


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