A Prayer of Compassion Pt.4

Good morning Father! Thank you for another chance to make things right with You. Thank You for the faithfulness You've shown us over the years. You are truly a good, good Father.

Lord, our hearts' desire is that You would be glorified in this Earth. Save those who do not have Your Spirit. Bring them to the knowledge of the truth. Let men, women and children come to know you as Lord and Savior.

Remember our family members who are not saved, and in Your mercy save them. Lord, remember those who are rebelling against You and have mercy oh God. With loving kindness draw them, until they surrender to You.

Lord prepare us to be laborers in your vineyard in these times. Strengthen and settle inside of You and Your purpose. Father, we welcome whatever it takes for us to manifest You in this Earth, whatever suffering or shame, we want You to have Your way! Use us as You please. In Jesus' name we pray.


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