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A Prayer of Compassion 3

Prayer of Compassion Series - Pt.3

Father, You are so special to us. You are truly a God to be reverenced and hallowed. We humble our hearts before You and indeed we are subject to Your Word. There is none like You in the heavens; none like You in the earth - You are God. What a privilege it is to come before Your presence and to have access to You. Thank You for Your great love for us that has inspired You to make us Your children!

Father, we come before You today with great concern in our hearts. There are many who do not know You. People without a comforted soul. People held as prisoners in their own bodies. Trapped and controlled by the will of a wicked and evil spirit. Forced to do things that sometimes they would not want to. Father in Your rich kindness, have mercy! Reach down with a mighty arm and deliver them from the stronghold of the enemy. Do not allow their captivity any longer, oh Lord! The devil would have them all go to hell, but You have foreordained those that are yours! You already know them! Draw them to Yourself.

Humble our hearts so that we do not think we are higher than we are. Cause us to know that we are Your children by Your mercy. In great humility, we cry out to You Father for the grieving. Those that have no rest in their souls. Those that cannot find solace. Those that do not know how to deal with the situations they are going through. Meet them oh God! Pour out your love upon them. Cause them to know that You are a Comforter and a Lover! Cause them to know You. You are able to give any heart rest. So we pray for this mercy.

God we love You and are constantly blessed by You. Hear the prayers of our hearts this morning, for they are in earnest. We pray all these things in Jesus' name.


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