A Prayer of Compassion 2

Good Morning Father!

We approach you with great humility, knowing you are the God fo our lives. You are Master, King, and Lord and we are your servants. Oh, Lord! We have searched our hearts and we have found ourselves wanting. We need a burden for the lost. Place upon us the same burden and compassion for the souls as the men; even the compassion the men of the script had. Place upon us a compassion for those around us every day that do not have Your Spirit. Those in our homes and at our workplaces. We need compassion, that we may reveal Christ to the world. We come to you for that strength today Lord!

Father, even now we consider the sick and those that are mentally ill. Father, you can reach them with a mighty hand. You can touch the mind and bring peace. You are the God that can heal. We cry out to you feeling what they feel. God have mercy upon them and move upon their cries. Touch those that are sick amongst us. Give them the strength to carry on. Bring healing.

Concerning the homeless and the lost, you know how to reach them! Father, we don't know the situations and circumstances that are in their lives, but where there is a need for salvation, we pray for it. We pray for your mighty arm in their lives. We pray that your perfect will be done. We pray that they will come to know you and walk in the obedience. We pray for hearts that will be willing to provide shelter and to be gracious if it is according to your will. Lord let the church not leave their former works of feeding the homeless and caring for the sick.

Hear our cry this morning Father. We love you and our hearts yearn to please you. So even as we pray give us vision, that we may be the true intercessors you have called us to be. These things we pray in Jesus' name.


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