A Gift to the World Series - The Sign of a Gift

Jesus is the precious gift that God gave to mankind. He came as the only begotten son of God, wrapped in flesh and adorned in love. Let us take a moment and consider the life that the young Son of God was subjected to.

First of all, He was born to a young virgin – Mary. Truly He was born of the seed of God and not a man, however who was going to believe such an account? When they saw that Mary’s belly had grown, they immediately attributed it to fornication which is punishable. But the Lord had consistently protected the family. Jesus was therefore known as illegitimate for all His life.

The fun doesn’t stop there. As you know when He was to be born, He was in a manger. There was no man in the world that would welcome Him to be born in a comfortable home. He was surrounded by animals which were sure to be an unpleasant and undesirable scent for any person.

But wait, there’s more! Shortly after His birth, a decree was sent out for His to be found and killed. Yes, after Herod the Great had heard of the birth of the King of the Jews, he desired Him dead. He therefore commanded that all the baby boys two (2) years and under in Bethlehem were to be killed. However, Jesus escaped that wrath.

It had been an uncomfortable life for Jesus and His family from His birth. It seems that commotion, distresses, sorrow, and trials were always drawn to Him. How about you? Are there things that seem to plague you for no fault of your own? Do trials and situations seem to always be in your life? Are there issues of your past that are embarrassing, and a stain on your mind? If you can say yes to these questions, you might just be a gift from God. Consider this!

Though Jesus went through many hardships. In the Spirit, the heavens were rejoicing. At every step of the way the righteous people connected to Jesus were led by God. The angels of heaven appeared to the shepherds in the field, simply to party with them because the Son of God had been born! A great star strutted down a runway, leading wise men to baby Jesus! They constantly saw angels which would guide them and encourage them.

The unfortunate events near Jesus’ birth were never forgotten by men. However, the heavens saw it differently. Trials and tribulation in the natural is a sign that God is rejoicing in the Spirit. Don’t be confused and discouraged by what you see men do, because the angels are with you. They are your watchers to ensure that you accomplish what you are called to. All you need to do is open your eyes and see them. How do you do that? Focus on the goodness of God in your life, despite all the bad.

So, has God been good to you? Share it with us!

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