A Gift to the World Series – The Gift of Will

Did you know that God does not think like man? Man’s thinking is opposite to God’s. Man sees beginning first and then sees the end. However, with God, it is the other way around. He first desires an end, then He orchestrates events that will lead to that end. Hence, He is the beginning and the end. Everything that occurs, stems out of His heart and divine wisdom.

For example, before Jesus Christ was born in a manger; even as a lamb of God, this course of His life was already prophesied years before. The prophesies echoed the reality that He would be the Lamb that would take away the sins of the world. God’s desired end was to have children with whom He would rule the world. He then, orchestrated the mechanisms that would get the best possible result. These mechanisms provided the ingredients He desired in His people. For example, He wanted us to experience His love, so He allowed us to be taken to a place that only love could rescue us. He designed the birth of His baby boy – Jesus and His death and the resurrection so that the Spirit of Jesus could come and live in us and pour the love of God all over our souls.

It is a sad thing when people do not understand God simply because He is a wonderful gift giver. All things were made by Him and for Him. Every gift has come from God. He is in absolute control of everything that occurs in our lives. His focus is always to get to His end, which is to give you a blessed gift of immortality in Jesus Christ. However, what is your goal for this life He has given you?

Are the gifts under the Christmas tree, a comfortable life and home; a stable job; or having a name for yourself more important than God’s purpose? You must remember that your life is by His design, and it was made by Him and for Him. Therefore, if you attempt to be rebellious, you really have no say in the matter. God can simply allow you to have your own way or allow situations to prevent you from ever having your way. Either case, He is in control.

God’s ultimate desire is for us to live/reign with Him in heaven in eternity. However, He will never tamper with our choices. He has presented Himself as the lover of our souls but has given us the option to choose Him or our way. If we do not choose Him it would be no fault of His. It would be that we have taken the gift of will and perverted it, to become selfish.

I encourage you today to make the wisest choice ever – Jesus Christ. Give every aspect of your life to God. In all things, be led by the Holy Spirit. If you are so led, then you are safe. Serve the God who sees the end before the beginning. Choose to live as He does rather than living like men who seek to build a life for earth only and perish in the end.

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