A Gift to the World Series – The Ghost of Christmas Past

Have you ever wondered why God’s Spirit is called the Holy Ghost? Well, let us look at the definition of the word ‘ghost’.

GHOST - an apparition of a dead person which is believed to appear or become manifest to the living, typically as a nebulous image.

In short, a ghost is someone who was once alive, but has died and is believed to be living in spirit form on earth. With that said, we have been talking about God’s precious gift to the world – Jesus Christ. God blessed Him with sinless flesh, which enabled Him to walk holy and righteously every day of His life.

However, He came to be the sacrifice for the world, that whoever desires Him may be saved from the bondage of sin. So, He died a painful and terrible death on the cross. However, it did not stop there! Three (3) days later, by the Spirit of God, He rose from the dead! His Spirit now lives on and will never die again!

This is why the Spirit of God is called the Holy Ghost, because it is the resurrected Spirit of Jesus Christ living on upon the earth, in us. The name ‘Holy Ghost’, was first used in the New Testament after Christ was resurrected!

If you are not saved and you call upon the name of this Ghost, you can be saved! Your calling however must be one of unshakable faith. This means you must believe He is alive, is able to save you from your sins, and loves you so much that He would actually do it. In this case, HE WILL.

However, when He comes in, He will have ghost-like qualities. If you ever do something that is offensive to Him, He will haunt you. He so desperately wants you to make it into heaven, that He will constantly remind you of the things you did wrong and did not make it right or repent of. His haunting should not be annoying to you, rather you should see it as a blessing and a demonstration of His love.

He has keen memory, so He will remind you of words you said, how you treated people and your responses in the situation. He will let you know you have sinned against Him and demand that you humble yourself and change. He does this, to save your soul, however, you can reject Him – Even as the Scrooge did in the Ghost of Christmas Past.

The Scrooge could not handle his evil ways and deeds being criticized and presented before him, by the ghost of Christmas past. So, he extinguished the ghost. When we are not ready or willing to change, we too will seek to silence the Holy Ghost when He speaks through our conscience. However, we will be left numb to righteousness, never able to find repentance or godly sentiments. If you continue to silence the Holy Spirit, He could just depart from you.

Hence be as a wise man, and don’t be a Ghost-buster. Listen to His voice and His leading, because this Ghost is a gift to save your life.

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