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A Gift to the World Series – God’s Christmas Tree

When it’s time for the opening of gifts we tend to run to the Christmas tree and try to find the gift that was bought for us. Yes, that Christmas tree is where the real fun happens. It is adorned with such glory – lights, stars, jewels, angels and balls. It seems somewhat prepared for a special occasion. It actually shelters all the gifts that are below it.

I want you to pause for a second and consider the Christmas tree that God – the Father used for His gift – Jesus Christ. His Special Gift was placed in the care of a manger. Yes, God’s gift, Jesus had a manger for a Christmas Tree.

Why would God the Father, the richest and most powerful one in the heavens and earth use a manger for His own Son? Couldn’t He afford to give Him a lovely looking cradle with a delightful fragrance? Yes, He could, but He had a greater purpose for Jesus than riches and a comfortable life on earth!

Have you ever judged yourself based on what you have or don’t have or based on your surroundings?  Have you compared yourself to others because they seemingly have more than you do? Why did God allow you to be as the world calls it “less fortunate” than others?

It seems that you are in the same boat (a manger) as the Lord Jesus. The manger Jesus was placed in was one of suffering. Why suffering? It is because suffering yields greater riches than money can ever buy. It proves you worthy of the Kingdom of Heaven providing you embrace it as your Father intends!

There are many who are wealthy and can buy whatever they want but their souls are on a journey to hell. God has said that the rich enter into a snare and He has chosen to spare you from that.

Has God laid you in a manger? Are you going through suffering and trying situations? It means that God has called you for glory. Every gift under the tree must first be subject to the tree, until the time appointed for it to be revealed. You too must be subject to your suffering, because it will reveal the gift of God in you.

Don’t be afraid to let this tree of suffering play its protective role until it’s time for you as God’s Christmas gift to this world to be taken up into glory! What pleasure and excitement when He unwraps your body of flesh to reveal the True Gift inside. Be encouraged in humility in this Christmas season. Your Father in heaven adores you!

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