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A Gift to the World Series – God’s Christmas Tree

When it’s time for the opening of gifts we tend to run to the Christmas tree and try to find the gift that was bought for us. Yes, that Christmas tree is where the real fun happens. It is adorned with such glory – lights, stars, jewels, angels and balls. It seems somewhat prepared for a special occasion. It actually shelters all the gifts that are below it.

I want you to pause for a second and consider the Christmas tree that God – the Father used for His gift – Jesus Christ. His Special Gift was placed in the care of a manger. Yes, God’s gift, Jesus had a manger for a Christmas Tree.

Why would God the Father, the richest and most powerful one in the heavens and earth use a manger for His own Son? Couldn’t He afford to give Him a lovely looking cradle with a delightful fragrance? Yes, He could, but He had a greater purpose for Jesus than riches and a comfortable life on earth!