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A Gift to the World Series -Family – A Precious Gift

As we continue to look at the life of the Gift of God, Jesus Christ; this particular instance is simply fascinating to me. Jesus the young Messiah, one day went missing! After a family trip to Jerusalem, He stayed back without telling His parents. They had been travelling in a large company, and thus they assumed Jesus was in the midst – probably playing with friends I bet. However, He had stayed back in Jerusalem speaking with teachers asking questions.

Now imagine this, it was not until three (3) days that His parents found Him. I often think about the great pressure it must have been for the parents of Jesus Christ. I mean, let’s be honest – Jesus is the Son of God. It must have been a great responsibility that was dear to their hearts to know that they had to raise the Son of God! But here comes a day that they feared the most… it seemed they had messed up. The Son of God was nowhere to be found and after almost three (3) full days had been accomplished they were in great sorrow.