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A Gift to the World Series -Family – A Precious Gift

As we continue to look at the life of the Gift of God, Jesus Christ; this particular instance is simply fascinating to me. Jesus the young Messiah, one day went missing! After a family trip to Jerusalem, He stayed back without telling His parents. They had been travelling in a large company, and thus they assumed Jesus was in the midst – probably playing with friends I bet. However, He had stayed back in Jerusalem speaking with teachers asking questions.

Now imagine this, it was not until three (3) days that His parents found Him. I often think about the great pressure it must have been for the parents of Jesus Christ. I mean, let’s be honest – Jesus is the Son of God. It must have been a great responsibility that was dear to their hearts to know that they had to raise the Son of God! But here comes a day that they feared the most… it seemed they had messed up. The Son of God was nowhere to be found and after almost three (3) full days had been accomplished they were in great sorrow.

When they found their son, Jesus He simply let them know that He had to be focused on His Father’s (God’s) business, as the reason for staying back. However, the scripture follows by saying that Jesus subjected Himself to them. (Luke 2:42-51)

The family is definitely an institution that was created by God. However, there are times that there can be a clash between the parties involved. 

Parents, at times you simply want to make sure all is well with your children, that they do not make mistakes or even make the same mistakes you made when you were younger. So you watch over them and try to guide them.

  Children, it’s not rare for you to feel somewhat controlled, and not feel free at times. You want to 'live a little', you want to experience the world and there are a lot of things that you want to do. You may also think that you have a right to live the life you desire. However, you must respect your parents as much as God expects your parents to respect you as His gift to them. God's desire is for family to live as one!

The key to peaceful relations is consideration. Often we fail to see past our own thoughts and feelings. However, if we learn to consider others, we will walk in love. Parents must learn to see what is in the head and heart of the children, and learn to guide and support – not simply govern. The children must learn to see the care in the heart of the parent, and be willing to subject to the decisions made, having confidence that God is in control of their lives, and has chosen parents to exercise that control.

Whichever way it goes, if we love, we will find peace. Even as Mary and Joseph did not rebuke Jesus’ response to their question to Him but considered it in their hearts. Likewise, though Jesus desired to be elsewhere, He submitted Himself to His parents. Family may not always see eye to eye, but the members of it, should definitely know they are loved.

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