A Gift to the World Series – A Gift of Flesh

I deeply appreciate the Christmas spirit that God has. He just always gives the best gifts. We have been discussing the best gift of all – the gift of Jesus Christ. He came from above, from eternity, and was a gift wrapped in flesh.

Now I want you to pause and consider for a moment the nature of the gift wrapping. Jesus indeed had a human body, which allowed him to truly experience the life of a human being. However, there was something extremely special about His wrapping. His body was not born in sin.

This is an extremely important concept for you to understand and accept. Jesus was begotten of God. He had no earthly Father. Remember, when Adam sinned, it is a sinful seed that is passed from generation to generation. However, Jesus’ father was not a man – He was God. This allowed His body to be holy and spotless. There was no evil spirit in it that would ever urge Him to sin.

This simple truth allowed the righteousness that we saw Jesus walk in. Holy flesh, was God’s gift to Him to allow Him to accomplish His purpose and die on the cross for us! Oh what an awesome Daddy, who gives good gifts!

I wonder if God gives the same gift to those who receive His Spirit? Stay tuned to this Christmas marathon and find out!

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