A Gift to the World

It is the first of December and it is the time that love and cheer flood the hearts. Some people are anticipating birthdays, while others are anticipating, the coming of December 25th – Christmas day. Where I am from Christmas day is always quiet and you can feel the peace in the air. It is definitely a time where families come together and celebrate.

For Christians, we celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior at this time. The fact that He came to us, in humility - born in a manger, and wrapped in swaddling clothes and would ultimately take away the sins of the world, are profound reasons for us to celebrate Him

The Lamb who Shepherds ran to, that He might shepherd them.

The animals in their stables worshiping Him.

The 3 Wise men in awe of a Baby King.

The young Messiah has been born!

A wonder in heaven and earth.

This is surely is a magnificent event! However, in truth, we do not always reminisce on Christ as we should. Some get caught up with gifts, others enter into depression and anxiety.  Some become dismayed that they have to work in the holiday season. While other grieve as they remember a loss during this time.

We all come from varying walks of life. However, one thing we can do is declare the wonderful works of our Savior.

In this series, we will do just that. We will examine what God has done and see that even as we do for our Children, God also did for His at Christmas. He gave a gift to the world – the Lamb of God! We ought to truly comprehend the great extent of this gift! The question however is: Do we?

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