A Family Affair


The Father said to me, if you spend time in communion with me, I will bless you. For the next 14 days give God at least an hour a day of undisturbed prayer, worship and fellowship (no excuses).

Leave the things that concern you in God’s hands. Trust Him with them.Ask Him only for the things that He wants you to have right now.Ask Him to reveal those things to you in His timing.Spend most of your fellowship blessing God and praying for others. However, the things that concern you, leave them in God’s hands.Journal your experiences, and impressions.Bonus + Skip a meal a day as a fast to the Lord, use that time as your hour to pray in earnest to the Lord.

Thus saith the Lord, “I want you all to have an open ear to me. I want to say some things that are on my heart to say. Some things that many have neglected to hear. However, hear me now”

A Family Affair

Ezekiel 18:4 - Behold, all souls are mine; as the soul of the father, so also the soul of the son is mine: the soul that sinneth, it shall die.

It is a comforting thing to know that all souls belong to God. He knows all of them intimately and has understanding of each heart.

"I understand family. Family is at the core of My heart. It is the essence of My mystery. I intended that a seed would multiply yet still remain one. However take a look at the soul; how it is naturally tied to those of its kind. It is a bond that is revealed in the mystery of marriage.

The wife is bone of the man's bone and flesh of the man's flesh. They are of one flesh. Likewise, your children, they are your own flesh and nakedness. 

I have heard the cries you have made on behalf of those you love. Think not in thine heart that I am deaf and stubborn and cannot hear and refuse to move, for my wisdom was at work before you requested anything from Me. 

I know how to draw those that are mine. I know how to prepare a heart to meet Me. How then shall ye say that the path they are on is for the worst? Have not they provoked you to pray, and to beseech me to move? Was it only your sincere love for Me that brought you to Me or was it My forgiveness also? Do not be hypocritical. Let patience be perfect among you. One thing I shall say of a certainty, I shall draw mine elect. You are mine elect, and there are those among you that have not yet been grafted in. Therefore, pray. Seek Me that I may move on the behalf of all flesh, and fulfill justice before all. 

Walk in the Spirit and you will have the emotions of the Spirit in all things. You will always walk in peace and not be crippled at my decisions. Is there any among you able to give life? I am the life giver and the all wise one. All life is in my hand. I have tried the hearts before, and they are now coming to light. Walk in the Spirit and trust Me, because I AM LOVE."

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