A Different Person – Kemar Sewell | Under the Tent Series

As a young man growing up, I was used to being around females. I soon found myself acting like them, talking like them and I even began to start feeling like a female. It got to the point where I started telling God that He should have made me a female because it felt good acting like one. However, it did not end there. I began to desire a man and not just to look upon but to have sex with. The devil plagued me with lustful emotions and feelings. I often heard some of the minsters preach about homosexuality saying it was wrong but no matter how hard I tried to not feel that way about a man, it was like I couldn’t stop and it made me so frustrated. The ministers would say Tayjay you can change but I never saw how that could be possible.

But I remember the moment I began to really want God. I heard Apostle Kareem minister about the mercy of God and I remember hearing him say that each day you live is God's mercy. I always thought living to see another day just meant that it was not your time to die, I didn’t see it as mercy but when I heard that I began to say in my heart, “God, you are saying you are having mercy on me by giving me another chance to decide whether I'm going to choose you or not?” My heart began to melt because I started to appreciate God for His mercy. I began crying out to God as Pastor Raegon and Kareem prayed for me. I remember hearing them say that the Lord said to thank Him for His forgiveness and while thanking Him I felt the Holy Ghost come! My emotions changed immediately and I was freed from homosexuality. I felt peace, joy and I felt like I could love everybody in this world. I apologized to everyone I had done wrong to, and I stand here to say I no longer struggle with homosexuality. I am free from sin thanks to Jesus!

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