I recently got back to my home country after spending a few months overseas. As much as I enjoyed experiencing the people and culture of that country, there was nothing like coming home to what is familiar. Feeling the love of friends and family who missed you while you were gone made coming home even more special.

It made me think of Heaven and the day we the saints go home to be with our Lord. We often hear songs and sermons wondering what it would be like when we get to Heaven. One songwriter says, "I can only imagine". Well, I believe that it will feel like returning home to the familiar when we get there. When we see our friends and loved ones smiling at us welcoming us home and we come face to face with our brother Jesus and Father after being away from home so long. Just like me, I know you are all longing to go home.

So let's not miss our flight! Let us ensure that our seats are reserved and we don't miss when our Father sends our big brother Jesus to come and take us home. Saints, stay ready. Our flight home is almost here.

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