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New Covenant Mercy Defined

Mercy is God’s unmerited favor, however, in the new covenant it takes on an added meaning. Mercy, for the church, is the right to continue in the life of Christ. It is the unmerited favor we receive just to experience God daily. It is the permission or the approval that God gives you to allow you to walk in the power of Christ. It is when God says, “OK”. “Ok, you get strength, power, authority, peace, love, wisdom, knowledge, understanding, health...etc.”

Seeing that mercy is the God-given approval to walk in the life of Christ, we should pray for it. We should ask God to give us mercy each and every day. Without His mercy, we will never walk in the grace of God. We should not be presumptuous into thinking that God must give us this mercy, instead, we should come humbly before Him and request that He have mercy on us, by giving us the power or the “Ok” to walk in Christ today.

We did a Live Show based on this Sunrise. Check it out below.


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