Hearing God Series: No Condemnation

In yesterday’s Sunrise, we discussed that in Salvation we were given the mind of Christ  There may have been a time however, in which you may have fallen since being saved. To be very clear sin is a choice, whether it was wrong thinking or committing the sin in the flesh, there was a clear choice in which your conscience would have let you know the line you were about to or considering crossing.  It is common for those who have fallen to stay in condemnation over their transgression. However, the longer you stay in a posture of condemnation is the longer you are separated from God and will not hear him. This is so important because God does not want this for us! He wants Sons who know and are confident in who they are, Sons that love him and the only way God receives love is through obedience. Consider this scripture: 

1 John 2:1 

“ My little Children, these things write I unto you, that ye sin not. And if any man Sin, we have an advocate with the Father, Jesus Christ the Righteous.” 

I just love the tone of God here as it just reinforces the Good Father that he is. God tells us sin not, however, if you do, you have an advocate through Jesus. In other words, you are not immediately cast away, nor does God stop loving you. Quite the contrary, God hates sin which is why he so longed to free us all from sin, his love has never changed but that does not mean that because we have grace that we can use it as a covering and continue in a lifestyle of sin. God desires for us to be one with him, not to remain in sin and separated. If you have sinned or are feeling like you cannot get back to him, know that the only thing preventing you is you. As the scripture states,  God has already outlined how we get back to him if we have sinned. Repentance begins in the heart, you must truly feel as God feels concerning that way or action; you must hate it and purpose that you will not be found there again.

God looks at the heart and from there will grant repentance or let you know that you have satisfied him in your repentance. You may have to confess, reconcile if there was an ought however, God is faithful to reveal just what he is requiring because he does not want you out there in sin and apart from him. Do not allow yourself to stay in condemnation because you or others feel that you have not felt bad long enough or that repentance needs to be a long drawn out process, not so!  Condemnation is a way the enemy seeks to keep us down by making you feel sorry for yourself but never actually moving. So today, if you have found yourself stuck in condemnation or self-pity, do not delay obedience, God says Shake yourself and walk in who you are; a holy and sinless being who resides in the Spirit.


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