Daily Routines

“Daily routines can remove the urgency of what God is saying.” This was said during one of the bible studies that my church has been hosting since the pandemic started and it really jumped out at me. Routines are a normal part of daily life. What if it’s the wrong routine, though? What does the right routine look like? For me, what comes to mind is Abel, giving the first fruits of his labor and Cain, doing the opposite. It seems here that one was doing their deed from the heart, while another was just doing it because they should.

One loved God with all of his heart, while the other, didn’t.

What is the danger of losing the urgency of what God is saying? How do you know if you’ve reached that point? Searing your conscience is dangerous territory for a Son of God.

Scripture says The Word should be our daily bread. Jesus put it like this, “Man should not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God.’ What are you feasting on daily? Are you loving it with all of your heart? Or are you complacent and finding it stale?

Chelsea Hugh

Sunrise with Jesus

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