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There's One in Every Family Sire

The age old classic story of “The Lion King” centers around family dynamics on every side. Not only do you have the loving relationship between Simba and his father, but there is also the situation between Scar and Mufasa which ultimately leads to both of them being killed. But the thing that stands out is the narrative given by Zazu in the first scene of the original movie: “There’s one in every family sire; two in mine actually”. This was Zazu’s attempts at putting things into perspective.

But what is the purpose of opposition in our lives? Why does it seem like there’s always something that comes to test us in our endeavours; even just our endeavour to be holy? Is it that God sees it as needful to send situations our way to make us stronger? 2 Thessalonians 1 : 4 - 5 tells us that patience in tribulations is a righteous token that prove our worthiness for heaven. So the next time you see your scar, remember that not only is that person in your life for you to point to Jesus, but they are also your opportunity to prove to God that you are worthy of Heaven.

Daniel Chen

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