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I remember there was a time when a particular person came into my life. They messaged me in my Facebook inbox one day, and I responded. I had no clue what I had just gotten myself into. Little did I know that this person was going to stick to me like glue. He messaged me everyday, all day, trying to talk to me. He was younger than I was and looked up to me, but after a while, it got really annoying. I despised every time I saw a new message come in. I just wanted to tell him to go away.

Then one day I heard God say, “Why are you so angry?” “Have you paused to consider why this young man has suddenly found interest in being close to you?” It was at that moment I saw what had really happened. God had set it up. This young man didn't know God, but he suddenly wanted to talk to one of the apostles of his ministry, all the time. I had to swallow my pride, and realize that God had sent him for me to make an impact on his life.

Sometimes we feel stuck in the situations that stick to us. They can be very abrasive, and even annoying. However, have you considered God’s purpose in the midst? Sometimes you have to determine to stick with the situations you're stuck with, so that you can work God’s purpose.

Today, the young man is saved. His testimony is that I sent him a message on Facebook, he heard God and, gave over His life. Be encouraged. Stick to it.

Kareem Flowers

Sunrise with Jesus



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Sep 16, 2020

My God, I can relate to this.

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