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Listening and Waiting in Prayer

REMEMBER MERCY IS GIVEN BY GOD’S DECISION, NOT YOUR MUCH PRAYER. The length of your prayer time does not guarantee that God will give you access to His life. He will look into your heart and see if it is pure; He will judge your motives against His purpose and will grant mercy accordingly. 

Listen and wait for what God is saying, instead of praying vain words. God may give mercy before you even start praying, so it is important for you to be keen to what He is communicating. He may also decide to lead you into praying for something that you never intended to pray for. Your obedience in prayer is communicating gratefulness, and lowliness, letting Him know that you can do nothing without His mercy. 

Again, look for what God is communicating. He may give you a revelation of the day ahead. He may even give you instructions for how to abide throughout the day. Don’t just pray without listening for what He has to say. Remember prayer is communication or fellowship with God. He wants to talk just as much as you do. 

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