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Let Me Speak

Updated: Nov 27, 2019

"I am not a dumb God that I cannot speak. Why is it that you approach me as if I do not greatly desire to fellowship with you, and speak. I desire to share my heart, and my mind with you. You are mine, and I have made you able to comprehend me. I have made you able to hear and bear my thoughts. Wouldn’t I want to then share them? Yes, I desire to share my heart and my mind. I desire to speak to you and revel in your understanding of me.

Why do you pray and leave as if I am unwilling to speak? Wait on me and you will hear me. Have patience, and do not rush me. Allow me to have your time, that I may do with it what I please. Wait on Me, allow me to speak, and you will hear me."

- Spoken by God, the Father.



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