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Rejoice in Oneness

"It is my earnest desire to know you, to fellowship with you. From the very beginning, I have sought after you. I have looked for your day to come. I waited patiently and now it is. I am carrying you. I have designed you and every inch of your life, for glory. Why do you doubt me by turning to this world? Why do you question my presence? My invisibility does not make me any less real, but I am ever-present in you.

Do not speak to me as if I am far. Speak to me as if we are one. You in I and I in you. The great intimacy of my plan. The oneness I desired I have fulfilled. So rejoice in my oneness. Share with me the love that I have shed abroad in your heart. Settle your heart and know that I am listening."

- Spoken by God, the Father.

We did a live show based on this Sunrise! Watch it below!


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