I grew up with severe low-self esteem. I remember one of the traits that I walked in was that I really wanted people to like me. To ensure this, depending on the situation I was in and who I was around I was a different person. If I was around people that I thought were nerds, I became a nerd. If I was around people I thought were “cool” I tried to become cool too. I would constantly seek to make them laugh, because I thought somehow, their joy equals their acceptance of me.

However, whenever I would get alone, I would feel alone. I felt like no one really knew me and loved me for me. And fairly so. I had never allowed people to deal with the real me. So I deserved to be alone.

I thank God one day, that God revealed to me the depths of His love for me. He convinced me that He loved me for me, and I don’t ever have to change my skin. He loves every aspect of me, and wants to love on me every day. His love has made me whole and free. Now I am even as my Father, I change not.


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