Being Yourself

Being Yourself

As Christians, the phrase “Be Yourself” can often seem a little contradictory or like a conflict of interest. The question may be asked “Isn’t it supposed to be Jesus’ life now?” am I not supposed to let Christ live? Well, yes. But these statements aren’t mutually exclusive.

The cool thing about God is that even though we were His enemies and we would always sin and disobey Him, His love was so great for us that He saw beneath all of that and could still really appreciate our souls. He loved who we were and how we expressed ourselves. He loved that we were all different in our personalities and He determined that when we got saved, He would preserve that part of us. So when old things were passed away and all things had become new, He renewed our souls and purified it. Now the real us can shine again in purity. And that thing that He saw in us before we got saved, He is now merged together with that personality, those interests, those skills, that vocabulary and even that weird sense of humour.

So get ready world, God is among us again… and He reminds me of you.

Daniel Chen

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