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Don't Miss the Move of God II - Following God

In yesterday’s sunrise we discovered that a sure way to backslide or find yourself being left behind is to stop moving with God. This is because God never stops progressing. Even in His revelation, God is always bringing a timely Word that is relevant to what He is doing now. Therefore, we can’t be comfortable that we understood revelations of the past and we should not be caught up in celebrating our past successes. When God takes inventory, He considers where we find ourselves right now.

We also have to examine if we discern the methods God is using to speak to His people at any given time. Hebrews 1:1 tells us that God uses various means to talk to His people and He speaks in divers manners.

Many times, He will use the unconventional or unexpected channels or people to communicate through; but the question is: will you be able to know the voice of God when He speaks? Do you have a readiness and a humility of heart to receive His instructions and directions from methods that seem to be too humble for God? Do you allow your pride or your ignorance to determine your receptiveness to God’s voice? This is a sure way to miss the move of God.

Take heed…. Lest ye fall.

We did a Live Show based on this Sunrise. Check it out below.

The Previous Sunrise: https://www.sunrisewithjesus.com/post/don-t-miss-the-move-of-god


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