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Who really has the power?

Politics is the set of activities that are associated with making decisions in groups, or other forms of power relations between individuals, such as the distribution of resources or status. when you hear the word “politics”, a particular party or group comes to mind. You may identify your country’s political leader or a government building and to you that is your scope of politics. While for some just the mention of the word politics, voting, democrat or republican prompts an immediate feeling of tension. In fact, in most circles bringing up politics is considered taboo and typically an undesirable point of conversation.

The belief of how things ought to be causes people to take to the streets and protest, some even risk death or prison for their beliefs in a particular cause. However, there is a reality I must mention and that is the reality of two kingdoms; Darkness and Light. The god of this world is Satan, and since the fall of man, the condition of the world we see now which includes racism, poverty, injustices are all the symptoms of sin. Government, and politics are worldly systems that can only provide temporary solutions.The problems in this world need not a protest or legal reform, but a spiritual operation. Thankfully, God sent this solution over 2000 years ago and he is still saving! His name is Jesus, and he came to eradicate the darkness that is in the world.

Shanice Chen

Sunrise with Jesus



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1 comentário

04 de set. de 2020

My God great sunrise, God rules inside of the kingdom of men and is in control.

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