What Do You Prefer?

At the end of it all, what do you prefer? Are you going to give up and give in to temptation, or are you going to trust God and follow His leading? Sometimes we don't feel the drive or have a motivational speech to say to ourselves. At those times, all it takes is agreeing with the Holy Ghost or your conscience. I am not speaking relative to sin. You could be home watching a movie (which is not a sin), but you feel something in your spirit nudging you to do differently. After you examine you realize that the Holy Ghost was trying to get your attention. He simply wanted a moment of fellowship with you.

Wanting you to put that aside a moment and come fellowship with me in this.

Remember our life is not our's and so we have to give way to the Holy Spirit. Let Him decide what to do. Do not fight back saying, "No I do not want to do that I want to do this". Instead, yield your members to God. So which do you prefer, doing your own thing or pleasing God?

PS. When you obey God you will be glad you did.

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