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Understanding the Kingdom of Heaven: The Holy Ghost and Our Spiritual Abode

Welcome to A Journey through the New Testament! In this series, we will systematically journey through every chapter in the New Testament, unveiling the marvelous insights that can be found in the scriptures.

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The preceding Sunrises (blog posts) illuminated the context surrounding Jesus and John’s proclamation that the Kingdom of Heaven was near. Now, let’s connect the final dot.

Romans 14:17 declares, "For the kingdom of God is not meat and drink; but righteousness, and peace, and joy in the Holy Ghost."

Before delving into the depth of this, understand that the Holy Spirit is a heavenly place, as Ephesians 2:5-6 reveals. The Holy Ghost is not only the occupant of the a born again believer’s body but He is also the dwelling place of their soul. When we become filled with the Holy Ghost, our souls actually now reside in the Holy Ghost.

Acts 17:28 emphasizes that believers live, move, and have their being in God. When we understand that the souls of God’s children truly reside in the Holy Spirit, we comprehend why it is also called the Kingdom of Heaven—a realm with citizens and a ruler. As Colossians 3:3 affirms, our life is hidden with Christ in God. It is evident that the Kingdom, known as the Holy Ghost, has both citizens and a ruler; born-again believers are the citizens, and Jesus is the King.

This spiritual Kingdom was the message preached by Jesus and John. The Kingdom, or the Holy Ghost, had drawn near to them. In simpler terms, the time for them to receive the indwelling Holy Ghost was approaching. To go further, the Kingdom had already come in their midst, as Emmanuel! Jesus embodied the Kingdom, serving as an example of what they could become. Therefore, the message of repentance was proclaimed so that the people of Israel could enter the Kingdom, transforming their citizenship from earthly to heavenly.

  • Written by Kareem Flowers, Sunrise with Jesus

Can you find any other scripture that proves that born again believers live in the Holy Ghost? Share it in the comments below.

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