“There is no delay in Obedience”

Updated: Nov 26, 2018

This is what the Lord spoke to me on the second night of the 3 days fast my church just did. We were all crying out to God to have mercy on us and forgive us of our unbelief; and as I cried out to God for my own soul, these were the words I heard “There is no delay in Obedience”. I quickly understood what He meant and found myself praying even harder because I knew I had sinned in that area. I could immediately see flashes of different times when the Lord would tell me to do something and I would hesitate, if even for a second. I would always go to the place where my first thought after being told what to do would be that of considering how the person may see me or how what I would say would affect the person or how they would take it or even how it would sound! But as I laid before God asking Him to change me, He really showed me His heart toward His Sons where their obedience to Him is concerned.

Obedience is immediate. This is where the Father wants to take the church. To the point where their obedience to Him comes naturally; where there is no consideration of flesh or self. Obedience is not about quickly going to correct a wrong or do what it is you were told to do either. It is far more than that. The Lord is saying that there are many who seem to be in obedience because they immediately do what they are told, but in reality they are not in obedience to Him. Obedience is a disposition of the heart. Obedience means that the moment God says it, we agree. It means that it could be a week before we do the physical action of what is asked, but in our hearts we would have already obeyed God the moment He made the request of us.

That is when obedience is pure. Because now it is obedience unto God and not unto man and this is what God is looking for.

Man, I hope you guys are seeing this how I saw it. This revelation from God hit me like a wrecking ball because I knew I wasn’t there. I thank God for His mercy though, that I am now able to make it right and truly obey Him as I ought. I believe many of us find ourselves here. The Lord will speak to us and we allow our minds and our emotions even, to wonder before agreeing and obeying God. But God is saying NO. This is ugly before me because that second of a thought was a manifestation of your unbelief and unbelief is sin. The Father is only pleased with a heart that is ready to obey Him at all times.  I see it necessary to insert here though, that this obedience is not situational. Meaning, it is not about choosing to obey each time something comes up, no. Let us get to where God is. God is saying that His obedience is a onetime agreement. His sons need to resolve in their hearts to stay in obedience to Him in all things at all times. This is what pleases Him.

If you are like me and you found yourself right here I just encourage you to embrace God’s grace right now. God was faithful to reveal His heart to us re obedience, don’t take it for granted. Repent before Him now and I pray that we will all just resolve in our hearts to remain in obedience to God always. Amen.

I love you.


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