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The Necessary Elements of an Apology - Part 2

Romans 5:20 KJVS

Moreover the law entered, that the offence might abound. But where sin abounded, grace did much more abound:

This scripture is absolutely profound and extremely relative to apologies. Where sin abounded, grace does much more abound. Yesterday, we spoke of godly sorrow, and how it can also be applied to people. One of the elements we discussed was “Clearing of Yourself”. To clear yourself one must outdo your evil with righteousness. Where sin once abounded, grace must much more abound. When one clears themselves, their righteousness will outdo their wrong doing.

Here is a list of some of the things that righteousness must exceed in relative to apologies.


When you were laying the offense, you did it in unrighteousness; so your tone must manifest true repentance, and humility. It must not be sarcastic, or have any element of self consideration. It must be of true sincerity.


When we were laying the offense, it was the true intention of our heart to do so. There was no ambiguity or confusion about it. We were doing what we were doing because we wanted to do so. Hence, when one is apologising they must be just as certain about it. They must not be ambiguous or timid concerning it.


If you have done something that is reversable in any way, if you are truly repentant, it should be your heart to undo/reverse it. For example, if your refusal to do a deed is what laid an offense, to repent, you must do that deed if possible. The intent of this is to bring the relationship back to where it was before the offense was laid.


When we were laying the offense, we were bold with it and very definite. Thus, our repentance (apologising) must exceed the boldness we walked in when we were laying the offense.


Apologies must be direct. If you offended a person then speak to that person directly. If you offended a group of people, repent to them. Do not repent in a general sense to a public group as a way of avoiding going to an individual directly.


Your apology must match the audience of the offense. In other words, if you performed or shouted at an individual in front of a group of people, it is not sufficient to apologise to that individual privately. You must find that audience and if possible repent to the individual before them, or to each audience member individually.


Even as you were hasty to lay the offense, be just as hasty and compelled to apologise.

It is understandable that in some areas one may not be able to do all of these, but once again it must be in the heart to satisfy God.

We will cover these more in-depth in our live show.

We did a Live Show based on this Sunrise. Check it out below.



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