The Humanist Series: The Search

We live in an age where a lot of emphasis is placed on ‘self.’ As a result, the conversation surrounds ‘self-confidence,’ ‘self-esteem,’ ‘self-assurance,’ and the list goes on. We are encouraged to live our ‘best lives’ and be strategic in how we plan for ‘our destinies’. Humanists are becoming more and more visible. They believe that human beings have the ability to create a morally good world void of God and absolute truth (Bible). Their teaching is very broad to include looking within ourselves and defining what is good and control our own lives and success. Some of these ideas have been introduced and embraced within the church. However, they have nothing to do with God’s divine plan and what He has outlined in His Word. Today, we will look at why there is so much emphasis on ‘self’.

At the beginning of time, Eve, on being deceived by the serpent, desired what God withheld from her. Her husband also partnered with her in eating what we call the ‘forbidden fruit’. They exalted themselves, their wants and desires above what God had said. The serpent, in seeking to beguile this couple, made God look like a liar and caused Adam and Eve to begin to compare themselves to God. Consequently, the ambition was birthed that they could be like God and they were curious to find out what was on the other side. They were willing to defy the law of God to satisfy their lust. With this event, came the journey of self discovery. Ever since this scenario in the garden of Eden, man has been trying to find himself by various means. That one act in the garden left a legacy of self-discovery and self-exaltation. Unfortunately, this search has taken man further and further away from God.

Man has lived his life trying to discover himself as opposed to seeking God. Only in God can a man truly find himself. But, the curiosity has only gotten deeper. With the uprise in the nations of science, motivational and inspirational teachers who steer the heart of man to himself, there is little or no room made for true preachers of the Word of God. Instead of seeking God, man seeks self and this never ending search continues to lead to death.

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