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The 5 Kage

So.. there is an anime called Naruto. Some of you know it but some of you might not. The anime is about ninja warriors who live to defend their village and the plot eventually comes to a point where all ninja villages must unite to save the world. What's cool about these ninjas is their abilities. They have super-abilities that are based in the elements; fire, earth, wind, lightning, water. Stay with me I'm going somewhere.

So, in this show, there are people called Kages and these are the leaders of each ninja village. These have said to have mastered 2 or more elements. However, it is very interesting that these great ninjas spend most of their time doing paperwork in their office and organizing the growth and development of other ninjas.

This reminded me of the role of the apostleship. When Jesus ascended He gave gifts to men, and the apostleship is one of those gifts. An apostle is expected to serve, teach, and edify the other gifts in the body. To do so, that apostle must first be able to walk in the gifts that they seek to raise. As soon as people realize that true apostleship is not about taking over but about raising every gift in the Body of Christ, they will begin to seek out real apostleship, even as the early church did.

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